LED Skylights to Improve Windowless Offices

Sunshine keeps us humans happy and positive, most of the time anyway. So when you find yourself stuck indoors, in a dark and soulless space, your energy levels can drop quite dramatically, quite quickly. 

To counter such low feelings, as well as boost productivity, Mitsubishi created the Misola LED skylight. These LED panels look like skylights, so you can attach them to ceilings or walls, and are meant to simulate the effect of the Sun moving across the sky.



Apple explored building a camera into the Apple Watch’s band

Apple considered putting a camera in the Apple Watch’s band, according to a new patent spotted by AppleInsider. The design places an “optical sensor” at the end of the flexible Watch strap, allowing you to twist and turn it to get the photograph you need without having to contort your wrist.

For example, you can pull the strap upward to photograph what’s in front of you or fold it back on itself to take a selfie. One of the diagrams in the patent shows how the camera could swivel to take photos on either side of the band, while the patent also references having a band with two cameras in “opposing optical directions.” Photos could be taken by “pinching the watch band” or using voice controls. When not in use, the camera could be tucked out of the way on the Watchband.