Archive October 2019

Robots – Industrial Inspection

To navigate the complex infrastructure of industrial plants, ANYbotics introduces their next-generation autonomous legged robot ANYmal C. Built around the superior mobility of four legs, ANYmal C can move through industrial environments including steps and stairs without the need for any adaptations to a facility. Carrying a variety of sensors such as visual and thermal cameras, LIDAR, microphones, and gas detection sensors, ANYmal perceives and interprets a broad range of physical properties. The system evaluates instruments, checks for the status of objects, detects hotspots, and senses gases – even in situations that are threatening to human inspectors.

Robotic contact lens controlled by the eye

The system is designed to mimic how the human eye works. The lens itself is made up of salt water encased within two electroactive elastomer films that act like muscles. They can expand, contract, or change their structure when an electrical potential is applied. This enables the lens to look in four directions and change its focal point. Because the lens is made of soft materials, it can change its focal length by as much as 32 percent.