Archive September 2019

Eye tracking technology

Dynamic content has the potential to engage audiences in a deep way. Jetstar, an airline operating in Melbourne, Australia, tested out dynamic content with a Christmastime DOOH campaign managed by JCDecaux, an outdoor advertiser. The airline deployed displays in Melbourne, which tracked user’s eyes to deliver content, and dispense dream vacations for the holidays.

Innovative Retrofitting Technology Used in Emission Control

Proventia has strong technical knowledge and experience with both original equipment and retrofit installations, allowing the company to focus its research on developing a new retrofit technology that enables older vehicles to operate in an environmentally friendly manner and can upgrade them to comply with Euro VI emissions standards. One key differentiating feature of Proventia’s technology compared to competing solutions is its patented SuperTornado® urea mixing and dosing technology, which is used in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for the injection of a reducing agent (such as AdBlue®) into exhaust gas. This allows the technology to increase SCR efficiency and reduce NOx at low temperatures, something particularly effective in stop-and-go city traffic.

Face recognition

Cognitec’s FaceVACS-Entry eGate panels have been instrumental in introducing face recognition for the automated passport check at airports. The product features a mix of smart hardware that captures images and checks for a live person, with cutting-edge software that facilitates verification of live images against those saved in ID documents, even in databases. FaceVACS-PortraitAcquisition ensures that high-quality images are produced in adherence to the ISO 19794-5 standard for a complete frontal photo, which makes it valuable in passport offices and driver’s license or visa agencies for both FR and identity management applications.

Autonomous drone solutions

Israel-based Airobotics, founded in 2014, developed a unique fully automated drone platform. Its Optimus drone, which can survey and collect aerial data, includes integrated software for mission planning and data analytics. The drone platform features an automated, robotic Airbase docking station, which can swap out advanced, high-precision avionic sensors based on a customer’s needs for a specific mission. When the battery level becomes low, the drone is programmed to return to the Airbase for a quick battery swap, and then automatically relaunch. This allows Airobotics drones to operate continually on critical missions in industries such as mining, oil & gas, energy and seaports.

Wireless collaboration platform

Mersive Solstice is the most intuitive and engaging wireless collaboration and presentation platform available. Solstice allows any number of users to securely and wirelessly share any amount of content from laptops and mobile devices to the room display. In addition to sharing, users can easily manipulate and markup the on-screen content without any awkward pauses in the discussion.


Robots in stores

Walmart is gearing up to deploy thousands of robots in its stores across the US, the company has announced.

According to Walmart, these robots are designed to take over the menial tasks that would otherwise occupy associates’ time, enabling them to spend more time with customers. This includes jobs like mopping the floor, scanning shelves to determine what needs stocked, handing off pickup orders to customers, and scanning/sorting inventory.

Voice Recognition from customer B2B

Many businesses are looking to use voice but are looking to customise a pre-packaged product – they want voice to mirror their organisation’s culture, whether that’s through an accent or tone of voice, but that needs an extensive dialogue ‘tree’ and much better contextual awareness on the part of the technology.

Will one device win out? Unlikely, the focus, for now, will be on the functionality of devices and how they are dispersed in an environment.

Longer term, the aim of those working in this space is to not only create assistants that are more ‘human’ but to differentiate products in what is becoming a highly competitive marketplace.